Leaked Audio Tape Reveals How Money Changed Hands During ZCTU Congress

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By Leopold Munhende

A LEAKED call between Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions’ (ZCTU) new secretary general Runesu Dzimiri and an unidentified member of the association’s electorate has revealed how he allegedly doled out money to potential voters ahead of the crunch elections which concluded in the wee hours of Saturday.

The clip reveals Dzimiri was offering US$180 per voter.

In the audio, available on’s Facebook and YouTube (New Zim TV) platforms, an unidentified caller is heard offering his vote and promising to rally his colleagues behind Dzimiri, but disputes the US$180 offer because it was “too little”.

“We will vote for you for the deputy SG post,” says the caller.

“Ok let me get hold of Chi(inaudible) and see what I can do,” responds Dzimiri.

“Sort it out, that is very little money. Call me when you have everything in order, so we vote for you, you get you post and we go home, US$180 is very little money as of August,” adds the caller before Dzimiri promises to act on it. I understand, it indeed is very little money, let me get back to you,” he says.

Dzimiri belongs to newly elected ZCTU president Florence Taruvinga’s faction.

Taruvinga trounced Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railways Union (ZARU) leader Kamurai Moyo 86 to 43 to land the post.

A day before the election, reported some $30 million of Sakunda Holdings funds was used to fund Taruvinga’s presidential bid ahead of the congress as Zanu PF made a last-ditch attempt to claim the country’s biggest and most influential labour movement.

Some members are said to have been offered as much as US$300 to throw their votes in favour of the Zanu PF aligned faction.