Legal professionals, policymakers and academics unite to drive Sustainable Development and Technological Innovation in Africa

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By Staff Reporter

A local think tank, Development Literacy Institute (DLI) has completed a two-week training program that bridged the gap between law, economic development, and technology.

The program, which was attended by legal professionals, policymakers, and academics from across Africa, aimed to enhance their skills and knowledge in navigating the complex legal landscapes of today’s global economy.

According to Nkosana Maphosa the Executive Director of DLI, the program bridges the law and technology.

“Our two-week training program successfully bridged the gap between law, economic development, and technology by providing participants with essential knowledge and practical skills,” he said.

Maphosa, a renowned legal trainer added that the program was aligned with Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasizing the importance of legal frameworks in fostering sustainable development and technological advancement.

The training program featured expert facilitators from multiple sectors, including law, economics, and technology.

Participants engaged in interactive sessions, case studies, and group discussions, exploring the intersection of law, economic development, and technology in Africa.

“In line with international frameworks such as the SDGs and regional strategies like Agenda 2063, our training program underscored the essential role of law in economic and technological development,” Maphosa said.

The virtual training, which took place from May 6 to 17, 2024, integrated global and regional development goals into a comprehensive curriculum on law, economic development, and technology.

“The virtual training offered by DLI strengthened the capacities of legal professionals, policymakers, and academics, fostering an environment where innovative legal solutions could thrive,” he added.

Participants praised the program for its relevance, expertise, and interactive approach.

“This training has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to policy development and implementation in my country,” said Mlondolozi Ndlovu, a law student and one of the participants.

The training program demonstrated DLI’s commitment to empowering professionals to navigate the complex legal landscapes of today’s global economy.

The Director said with contributions from sector-specific experts, the training embodied the multi-sectoral approach necessary to drive sustainable development and technological innovation across Africa.

“By bridging the gap between law, economic development, and technology, we can unlock Africa’s potential for sustainable growth and innovation,” emphasized Maphosa.

The success of the training program highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving the organisation’s vision.