Legal watchdog Veritas Zimbabwe launches interactive platform to enhance women’s rights

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By Xinhua

Legal watchdog Veritas Zimbabwe has launched an Interactive Women’s Platform which will provide information on the rights and status of women in Zimbabwe.

The platform will also provide information on where to turn and what legal options are available if women feel their rights are being violated or ignored, the organization said Wednesday.

In a statement, Veritas said women who interact on the platform will become more knowledgeable on the Constitution and other rights enshrined in the country’s laws.

Major areas of concern include sharing of matrimonial property in the event of the husband’s death and early marriages sanctioned by the girl child’s parents.

“Veritas Women will work as a resource, providing information about service provisions by the State, legal aid clinics, labor advice centers, and other women’s rights oriented civil society organizations,” the organization said.

It said although the forum was specifically meant for women and girls, it was open to all who had women’s rights at heart.

“It will provide a safe platform for women and girls to discuss their rights and the problems they encounter in claiming their rights using the county’s main languages of English, Ndebele and Shona.

It added that all questions and queries would be answered in the shortest time possible while a lawyer would be online during office hours for an email or WhatsApp chats.

It encouraged those having difficulties in claiming their rights or faced challenges at home, in the workplace and society at large, to share their experiences with other women.

It added that it had become more and more important for women to harness their collective power by creating a safe platform where they could collaborate, share and empower each other in one unified and secure space.