‘What meat! Eat Vegetables’, Mnangagwa says to hungry residents

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By Leopold Munhende

HUNGRY Zimbabweans longing to taste meat in their homes have been told by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to eat vegetables instead, as it was healthier food.

“Meat? What about vegetables? Vegetables are healthy; that is what doctors have always said,” Mnangagwa told hundreds of Kuwadzana residents in Harare, gathered for his monthly clean-up campaign.

Residents in the high density suburb had drowned his address with chants; “Nyama, Nyama, Nyama” – “Meat, Meat Meat”.

“Meat is not healthy, we have to agree on that. All vitamins are those in vegetables and potatoes. However, there is very little I can do about the (high) meat prices,” the president said.

The price of meat and other basic commodities have gone beyond the reach of the majority.

A kilogramme of beef is now selling for between $60 and $120.

In 2005, when Zimbabwe was facing food shortages and over four million were relying on relief aid, the now late President Robert Mugabe suggested that people should eat potatoes.

The problem is reliance on maize, Mugabe said in 2005, “but it doesn’t mean we haven’t other things to eat. We have heaps of potatoes but people are not potato eaters…they have rice but they’re not attracted (to that),” Mugabe said back then.