Let’s be proud of Africa: Dudu

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INTERNATIONAL collaborations in music have come to stay. Thanks to improvements in communication, Ghanaian artistes can now have collaborations with artistes in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Cote d’voire, just mentioning a few.
Zimbabwean Jazz star artiste Dudu Manhenga is one artiste who takes to heart the essence of international collaborations.
She recently flew from Zimbabwe to not only “get introduced to West Africa” as she states, but came to Ghana to do collaborations with some Ghanaian artistes.
“I think one of the problem we are facing in Africa is the issue of mobility that those that are in the South know what is happening in the south and maybe a little bit about Nigeria but it is not a mutual thing all over the continent that people know exactly what is happening in North Africa, Central Africa, in East Africa, in south Africa,” she said.
She however advises Africans generally, especially young people, to endeavour to make out.
“Let’s fight cleverly now to be recognized. Let’s have a piece of Africa. Let’s go out there and tell the world about who we are and let’s be proud of Africa.”
Dudu was a special guest artiste for a two day concert held in Kumasi Golden Tulip Hotel and the CCB Hall of KNUST during 6th and 7th March, 2014.Advertisement