Leveraging on resource mobilisation is the way to go for economic transformation-Mudenda

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By Anna Chibamu

PARLIAMENT Speaker Jacob Mudenda has called on the public and private sectors to leverage on domestic resource mobilisation to accelerate economic transformation towards ending poverty.

Addressing legislators, cabinet ministers as well as Parliament’s stakeholders during the opening ceremony of the 2023 pre-budget seminar in Harare on Friday, Mudenda urged

the sectors to prudentially and economically take care of the country’s scarce resources for purposes of maximising their usage in driving the country’s economic growth.

“Domestic resource mobilisation speaks to strategic human capital deployment that is highly productive.

“We are therefore expected to propose strategies to push the masses out of poverty and offer solutions for our country’s most pressing challenges. The solutions should largely be anchored on vigorous domestic resource mobilisation in order to accelerate economic transformation,” Mudenda said.

The Speaker challenged each and every Parliament’s committee to demonstrate on how domestic resource mobilisation could and should be marshalled.

“What is critical for us is to strategise on how qualitative and quantitative economic transformation can be achieved through leveraging on domestic resource mobilisation. We should introspect on how and why we could have missed the economic radar in the 2022 Budget. Both the private and public sectors are obligated to respond.

“Equally, every ministry, led by the Finance ministry, must champion domestic resource mobilisation within the arena of their respective portfolios. We are tired of one same song,” added the Speaker.

Accordingly, ” Domestic resource mobilisation can be achieved if we spruce up our taxation regime through a sustainable digital taxation system. This will ensure maximisation of revenue collection thereby guaranteeing optimum resource mobilisation through the taxation avenue.