‘Liar’ Mwonzora never met Job Sikhala at prison, colluded with wardens to fake visit – says Spokesperson

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By Leopold Munhende l Chief Correspondent

JAILED Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) interim deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala’s spokesperson Freddy Masarirevu has accused MDC-T president, Douglas Mwonzora, of lying and colluding with Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) officers to stage a visit to the St. Mary’s legislator.

In a statement, Masarirevu claimed Mwonzora never even got into Chikurubi Maximum Prison, where Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole are held, but instead waited under a tree near the complex for five minutes to deceive journalists who were outside the facility’s fence.

Mwonzora’s spokesperson earlier shied away from sharing what his principal and Sikhala had discussed.

Both Sikhala and Sithole declined, twice, to meet Mwonzora before his ‘visit’ when they were allegedly approached by senior prison officers on the matter.


“On October 15, the same senior prison security officials came informing them that Mwonzora had come to visit them, despite their express statement declining the request,” said Masarirevu.

Opposition CCC legislator Job Sikhala

“Sikhala and Sithole again refused and opted to remain in their cells whilst Mwonzora did not even make it to the second gate. There are five gates one has to pass through to be able to see inmates.

“It is very sad, and unfortunate, that a person as senior and learned as Mwonzora would mislead the public into thinking that he met Sikhala and Sithole in prison.

“Sikhala and Sithole are very angry at some senior officials at Chikurubi for wanting to impose a visit on them. The security officials even suggested that Mwonzora be allowed to come directly to their cells and guarantee privacy, a request that was turned down.”

He added on Twitter: “Mwonzora did not meet Sikhala and Sithole. He waited outside under a tree whilst making members of the media wait for him outside the main gate.

“He was informed of the MPs’ position, but insisted on standing under a tree for five minutes before departing.”

Sikhala, according to Masarirevu, fears for his life and has accused Mwonzora of plotting against him at some secret Mt. Pleasant meeting, where he was discussed.

The two have not seen eye to eye since the latter’s move to question legitimacy of then MDC Alliance president, Nelson Chamisa, who now leads the CCC.

MDC-T spokesperson, Witness Dube said his camp would not be dragged into commenting any further on the purported meeting.

“Mwonzora visited Sikhala and the Nyatsime inmates at 1300 hours yesterday, period,” said Dube.

“We acted in solidarity with him at his time of need and are no longer interested in the childish, misplaced and totally nonsensical social media debate raging on around our visit.”