Lies and cheap propaganda – says CCC as top activist Madzibaba veShanduko ‘defects to Zanu PF’

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By Mary Taruvinga, Senior Reporter

HARARE: Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has described as false, claims that top activist, Godfrey Karembera better known as Madzibaba veShanduko, has defected to Zanu PF.

Social media was Saturday awash with news that Karembera had joined the ruling party because he was not getting any material support from CCC.

Posting on his Twitter account, Zanu PF Youth League National Deputy Political Commissar Taurai Kandishaya said Karembera had opened up to him when he visited his homestead in Guruve.

Said Kandishora, “Madzibaba Weshanduko said “Commissar let’s go to my house so that we talk.” He said “madzibaba hupenyu hwakandiomera kuCCC vakuru vanodya vega (Life is difficult for me. My leaders do not care about us.) Buy me a battery for my incubator. Voting day I will do what changes my life.”

Karembera however, told that Kandishora lied.

“They are trying all strategies to destroy the party but they will never win. They first tried to kill me but they failed. They offered me a car and I turned the offer down.


“Today I was shocked to see my photos with the CIOs on social media.”

Godfrey Karembera better known as Madzibaba veShanduko

He added; “There was a funeral at my neighbours’ homestead which I attended the funeral. Everyone knows me and a lot of people wanted to have a selfie moment with me. I did that happily not knowing some were on a mission to fabricate lies about me.

“I was not even aware that some of the people who wanted photos with me were Zanu PF activists on a plot to soil my relationship with my party leaders but anyway, I have not joined Zanu PF. I remain with CCC.”

Karembera said some of the mourners visited his homestead to see his projects, adding he did not turn anyone away because he thought they had genuine interests.

CCC deputy national spokesperson Ostallos Siziba said Zanu PF was too desperate.

“That was cheap propaganda. They are just too desperate,” he said.

Siziba said the activist remains one of their staunchest supporters.

Madzibaba veShanduko has been a regular and popular face at CCC rallies around the country.

Earlier this year, he was arrested on allegations of inciting public violence after he was seen in Harare Central Business District (CBD) clad in party regalia.

Karembera was reportedly assaulted and accused of trying to vandalise the controversial Mbuya Nehanda statue although he was insisted he was far away from the structure when arrested.

The case is still pending at the courts.