Linda Masarira: Chamisa faction and Zanu PF are birds of a feather

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THE Nelson Chamisa led faction long traded MDC-T’s founding value of non-violence as means of persuading voters and formally joined Zanu PF in using violence as a coercion tool, Thokozani Khupe group’s spokesperson Linda Masarira said.   

This comes after Khupe and some of her executive members were Tuesday subjected to insults by rowdy crowds thought to be Chamisa’s supporters outside the Supreme Court after a ruling that the name and logo use contest should go to a full trial.

“The attack on President Thokozani Khupe and our party members Tuesday is criminal and unlawful,” said Masarira addressing a press conference in Harare Wednesday.

“The acts of violence that happened in front of the highest court in the country tell a story of the attitude towards the law institutions,” she added.

Masarira said the routine nature of such behaviour betrays a sense of impunity by Chamisa supporters that has only been seen in Zanu PF.

“They have gotten away with violent acts before, they will get away it again,” a fuming Masarira told journalists colleagues Nickson Nyikadzino and Isabel Mwonzora.

She went on, “The MDC-T led by Khupe has been historically been subjected to violence; it is important to note that the latest Tuesday attack happened in full view of the law enforcement agents and the perpetrators have not been arrested.

“The identities of the perpetrators is known or at the very least is ascertainable by video evidence, it is clear that they are not Zanu PF but supporters of Nelson Chamisa.”

Masarira said the level of violence, sexism, election rigging and poverty of ideas is at a crescendo level in both Zanu PF and the Chamisa faction such that one is left with no doubt that the two parties are birds of a feather.

“Surprisingly in their trade mark empty noises as usual, our erstwhile colleagues are making naked claims that we are an appendage of Zanu PF,” she said.

“Fortunately, the voter has come to know which political group in Zimbabwe will easily win a Grammy Award for telling outright lies; their deeds prove who is actually in bed with the ruling party.”

“In the recent past, this gender and tribal violence has been meted out on women within Chamisa’s party e.g Hon Majome and Lynette Karenyi.

“We stand by our female politician colleagues in all other parties; we encourage them to stand up to abuse and victimisation,” Masarira added.

She also appealed to civic organisations and human rights defenders to stand up on principles they supported during the constitution making process including gender equality on fairness of justice and the rule of law.