Lions Roam Dete Centre, Kill Goats

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Dete: A pride of six lions is reportedly causing havoc around Dete in Hwange where it has killed goats with villagers now living in fear of being attacked.

Six adult male lions and some cubs have reportedly camped at Dete centre where they patrol between the railway line and Marist Brothers Secondary School turn-off in Magoli area, literally making the whole place a no-go area for locals.

The pride has reportedly killed seven goats at the Central Mechanical Engineering Department (CMED) depot where they are usually spotted at night.

Hwange ward 15 councillor Stanley Torima whose area covers Dete and Marist areas said the community is living in fear.

He said ZimParks and Hwange Rural District Council rangers teamed up to hunt for the predatory animals and gunned down a female lion which had two cubs on Friday.

“Lions are causing terror in the area and they killed seven goats at CMED Dete depot on Thursday night.

“They frequently move from Magoli and Marist Brothers up to CMED in Dete and people are now scared of moving around even during the day.

“The rangers from ZimParks, council and Lion Research are on the ground and have killed one female lion which had two cubs near CMED depot,” he said.

The lions have been camped in the area for the past week.

Torima appealed to authorities to either kill or drive them away for the safety of the community.

Dete is on the edge of Hwange National Park and wild animals including lions, elephants, buffaloes and others freely roam around posing danger to humans, livestock and crops.

Last year, a National Railways of Zimbabwe employee was killed by a lion near Hwange Main Camp soon after disembarking from a train to resume duty at midnight.

A few years ago, a schoolboy from Magoli was killed by a lion as he walked from school during the day.