Local Surgeons In Another Successful Siamese Twins Operation

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

A LOCAL team of paediatric surgeons has successfully separated a pair of twins joined at the abdominal pelvic region in an 18-hour complex surgery performed at Sally Mugabe Hospital formerly Harare Central Hospital.

The Siamese twins were born three months ago in Banket, Mashonaland West to peasant farmer parents.

They were operated on, on the 23rd of February when they were 73 days old.

The operation involved dividing the liver and some intestines that the twin girls, Anotidaishe and Atipaishe were sharing.

The twins were admitted at Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital under the care of a multi-disciplinary team of health care workers.

Majority of the team of paediatricians, anaesthetists, noenatologists, nurses led by celebrated paediatrician, Dr Bothwell Mbuwayesango were again involved in a similar operation to separate conjoined twins in 2014.

The hospital later released a statement confirming the surgery had been a success after monitoring the twins for six weeks.

“The procedure took a gruelling 18 hours to accomplish and both babies are in a stable condition with one of them fairing much better than the other,” read part of the statement.

In Zimbabwe, not more than five cases of conjoined twins have been recorded since independence.

While one was a success in 2014, another in 2005 had been referred to specialists in Canada and in other two incidences in Bulawayo and Kadoma, the twins had died before going into theatre.