‘Loner’ Mai Chisamba says proud of her Shona talk shows

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

ZIMBABWE talk-show pioneer, Rebecca Chisamba has described herself as a “lone voice” running a show in Shona at a time when English was the most popular language among talk show hosts.

Mai Chisamba, as she is known in her programmes, the talk show queen prides herself in Zimbabwean culture and her mandate is to promote local languages.

Speaking to a recently, Mai Chisamba described herself as a “loner” using Shona while other television personalities presented in the Queen’s language.

“I used to feel like a lone voice. Now people propose (love) in Shona and Ndebele,” she said.

Times have since changed as more artists now express themselves in local languages.

She continued, “A number of people now embrace their Zimbabwean nationality.

“Musicians, poets are using the Zimbabwean languages. To me, that is progress.

“Even in white collar jobs, people can be addressed through totems.”

Now a household name, Mai Chisamba rose to fame over twenty years ago bagging 27 awards.

Her show, named after her, airs every Sunday on ZBC TV at 1800 hours.

She engages with her audience tackling topical issues; morals, culture, sexuality, ethics and personal hygiene.