Lovers Resort To Bush Sex As Lodges Hike Bookings

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

ADULTEROUS men and women in Bulawayo have been hit below the pocket after city lodges increased their booking charges.

A survey carried out by this week in the city revealed that most lodges where people book to engage in sex had increased their charges.

Scores of clients at a popular lodge in Khumalo, a low-density suburb in the city, were this week left stranded after the owner increased charges for its rooms from US$5 to US$10 for an occupation of three hours.

“I come here often with my partner with the intention of relaxing, but I have been told that the prices have gone up. Whenever, I come here I used to pay US$5 and now they are charging US$10 for the service,” a regular client, who asked not be named, said.

Another male client said he was also shocked to learn the prices at the lodge had gone up after going there with his girlfriend to “relax”.

“Just before the (Zimbabwe International) Trade Fair, the price at this place was still US$5 per three hours. I am told prices went during the trade fair period and since then they have not been reduced. Since I am a regular client, the owners of the lodge should have informed us in advance,” he said.

The trade fair was held in Bulawayo, two weeks ago with thousands of people from outside the city converging for the week-long event.

A survey at other lodges also revealed prices had gone up leaving most residents seeking their services stranded.

One lodge along the Harare road has also increased its charges from US$2 to US$3 per hour while another one situated along Josiah Tongogara is now charging US$2 up from US$1 per hour.

“These days I would now rather make love in the car than pay at these expensive lodges. Surely, what has necessitated these increases when the US dollar is actually gaining strength?” one frustrated man said.

Following the increases, most two-timing men and women have resorted in risking their lives by engaging in sexual activities secluded areas.

Last month, a David Livingstone High School headmaster in Ntabazinduna, Vusumuzi Nkiwane was stabbed and robbed of a truck and cash while romping with his lover in a vehicle in the bushy area the United College of Education (UCE).

A popular Bulawayo prophet was also recently robbed while having sex in his car in a bush.