MacG calls out Maphorisa for being a ‘greedy vampire’

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MacG has taken aim at DJ Maphorisa claiming he does not build artists he works with.

This after Maphorisa recently went live on Instagram shedding light on how artists get to own the masters of their music.

“When you record music on my computer, my studio, with my electricity. That sh*t is mine. It belongs to me, DJ Maphorisa said.

In a recent episode of Podcast and Chill, podcaster MacG claimed while the producer had previously done right by some artists in the industry, there were many artists who he had merely used.

“That guy is a vampire. He feeds from the youth. He is greedy. Have you ever heard anyone say a nice thing about working with ‘Phori? Everyone that leaves him has always got bad things to say. And people who are still in there have bad things to say. The moment you have to start counting how much good you are doing for the people, that’s a red flag.

“If you’re really helping people, you are talking about people recording from your studio, and when they record from your studio you own the masters. OK, one bag of yours can buy all these children studios.”

This is not the first time MacG has badmouthed Maphorisa.

On one of his podcasts in 2022, MacG suggested Maphorisa was an “amapiano gatekeeper”.

“Let me tell you a story about gatekeeping. There is someone who told me Maphorisa is going to be mad that I am dropping an EP, and I did not ask for his approval. Now I must ask Maphorisa before I drop an EP. They said Maphorisa is going to be mad because I did not ask for his approval because he is a gatekeeper.”

Responding to the comment, Maphorisa said he had no bad blood with MacG as they’ve known each other for so long.

“Heban @MacGUnleashed, what’s the problem? We come far, boy. I never even once disrespected you. Why this? What’s the problem?” he tweeted.