Machete Gang Kills Female Shop Worker

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By Staff Reporter

TWO men, wielding machetes and knives, allegedly murdered a shop attendant in Redcliff’s high-density surburb of Rutendo on New Year’s Eve.

Although failed to get a comment from the police, Redcliff councillor, Makanyara Piki confirmed the unfortunate incident.

Piki identified the now-deceased shop assistant only as Yeukai and was employed at a grocery outlet at Mutegude Shopping Centre in Rutendo where she was attacked by the two unidentified men.

“We are yet to understand what caused the misunderstanding. However, we have gathered that during the evening of 31 December, the two suspects approached the now-deceased lady at the shopping centre,” the councillor said.

“There was a misunderstanding and the men attacked her. One of the attackers produced a knife and stabbed her. She died on the spot. This was quite a sad day and a tragedy, ”she said.

Murder cases are on the rise in the greater part of Kwekwe district, which is also part of Redcliff town.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko has in recent weeks led a crime awareness campaign in the gold-rich province.

“The activities saw crime awareness campaigns being conducted across the province, central business districts, rural business centres, residential suburbs, industrial areas, mining, and communal areas,” he told early last month.

“Crime in focus includes murder, robbery, unlawful entry and theft, sexual crimes as well as domestic violence, and of late there have been high incident cases involving violence.”