Machete gang storms home, kills father over lobola money

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By Staff Reporter

A 60-year-old Rusape man was killed recently when an armed eight member gang stormed his home demanding some money which had been paid as lobola towards one of his daughters recently.

The gang, according to police, was armed with machetes, knives and wooden sticks.

Manicaland province deputy police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda said the suspects were yet to be arrested.

Narrating the incident, Chananda said the gang stormed the home at around 7pm on the day to find the now deceased Boas Mamutse of Gweremwezhe village relaxing in the kitchen with his wife Thandiwe Makuyana (54).

The gang forcibly entered the kitchen wearing face masks and woollen hats, holding knives, machetes and wooden sticks.

They demanded the lobola money from Mamutse but were told there was no money.

“The gang started assaulting Mamutse and his wife with sticks,” said Chananda.

Two of the suspects tied the deceased’s two daughters, aged 16 and 19, who were cooking in another kitchen.

They went on to tie the whole family with ropes.

“They took turns to assault the now deceased several times on the body with sticks demanding lobola which was paid recently for one of his daughters.

“The suspects also demanded burial society money as the deceased was the treasurer of the group,” said Chananda.

Mamutse reportedly tried to fight one of the suspects but was struck with an axe on the head and he fell down.”

The suspects dragged Mamutse out of the kitchen to his bedroom where they further assaulted him.

The suspects took US$7 and an undisclosed amount in local currency and vanished from the scene leaving the family tied with cloths and rope.

“One of daughters managed to untie herself and she went to the bedroom where they found their father bleeding profusely from a cut on the head and having difficulty in breathing.

“She screamed and drew their neighbour’s attention, Joseph Terere, 66, who rushed to the scene,” said Chananda.

They rushed him to Rusape Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The matter was reported to Rusape rural district police who attended the scene and discovered multiple deep cuts on the head and arms of the deceased body.

The body was taken to Rusape General Hospital for postmortem.

“As police, we urge that anyone who might have information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects to report at any nearest police station,” said Chananda.