Madam Boss demands apology from ‘gatekeeping’ Olive Tree Infant Academy for tarnishing her image

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By Staff Reporter

Tarisai Chikocho aka Madam Boss is at loggerheads with an elite children’s school, Olive Tree (Olive Tree) Infant Academy which accused her of snatching its staff and clients after opening her learning facility recently.

The socialite has breathed fire, arguing that Olive Tree should accept competition and stop tarnishing her name.

She has since written a letter to the school via its lawyers demanding an apology

Through her lawyer, Admire Rubaya of Rubaya and Chatambadza law firm, Madam Boss gave Olive Tree a 48-hour ultimatum to do so or she takes legal action.

“Your client seems to envision a crèche industry ruled by birthright, where newcomers are banished by the founding pioneers. On the contrary, like every business before them, their early arrival does not grant them eternal reign. This market, like any other, thrives on healthy competition, not self-proclaimed monopolies.”

“Your client’s fear of a “new kid on the block” based solely on the employment of a former employee who resigned in September 2022 is frankly unbecoming. Should competition be a source of fear, then perhaps your client’s business model needs reevaluation.

“With respect, your clients are not the last borns of intelligence and business acumen; neither do your clients have the monopoly over business ideas, teaching methods and strategic management skills,” the letter reads.

The socialite recently launched her facility, Madam Boss Kids Corner.

After that, Olive Tree slapped her administrator, Jane Kasu with a US$50 000 lawsuit claiming that she stole their teaching methods for Madam Boss school.

Kasu had resigned and joined Madam Boss Kids Corner.

Madam Boss said the defamatory allegations by the school have the potential to cast her in a bad light and negatively impact on her reputation as an astute professional and businesswoman.

“Our clients therefore assert that your client’s claims are unfounded and unwarranted, and allege that your client has even proceeded to team up with other artists who compete with ours to try and tarnish our client’s deserved reputation, success in a desperate show of insecurity and pathetic fear of her well,” the letter reads.

In the letter, Chikocho said the allegations of stealing teaching methods are an insult to her intelligence.

She said proudly developed her facility’s own educational identity from scratch.

“Suggesting otherwise is not only a gross misrepresentation but also an insult to their innovation and dedication as they are not copycats. Our clients are pacesetters and or trendsetters who thrive on originality and superior logic.”

Madam Boss said Kasu has a right to associate with anyone she wants.