Madhuku concedes defeat; says no issues with presidential election results

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By Staff Reporter

NATIONAL Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said his party accepts the results of last week’s elections and ruled out disbanding the outfit despite its miserable showing in the vote.

The NCA failed to win a single seat in the parliamentary and local government elections while Madhuku managed just 2,738 votes in the presidential ballot.

The party held a meeting to review the election at its Harare head offices on Sunday.

Speaking to, Prof Madhuku blamed the defeat on voters not being aware of his party.

“We are having our review meeting of the 2018 election polls because we did not garner many votes from different polling stations around the country,” Madhuku said.

“We are asking ourselves questions such as what is it that voters cast their vote for and what can we do to get more votes in the next polls.

“The biggest challenge we faced was that voters in the country still believe that there should only be two political parties contesting in the general election and these are MDC and Zanu PF.”

The NCA leader added, “When they voted this time around they were just focusing on these two parties and never bothered to find out about other candidates on the voters’ roll.

“So, by the time we reach 2023, voters will know about NCA and what we stood for that differentiate us from other political parties.

“So, we have since discovered that that was our biggest weakness people did not know about us.

“But we also discovered that our party supporters voted for MDC because historical links between NCA and MDC.

“So, they voted for (Nelson) Chamisa instead of Madhuku, but this is the end of that pattern.”     

The university law lecturer ruled out disbanding the party and also dismissed joining other opposition formations.

Commenting on the presidential results, Madhuku; “As NCA and their presidential candidate I accept the outcome of the presidential results.

“We have no issues with the results, and I also believe that all presidential candidates were voted by the numbers announced.

“I don’t believe candidates should choose which results to accept and which results not to accept.

“Why should ZEC only rig the presidential election, and not of all candidates but just one?

“We need to accept the outcome and move forward as a country.”