Madhuku’s insouciant and scatological behaviour

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I KNOW he is doing it for money because money happens to be his greatest weakness. Give him money and all the cells of his body are activated. I am convinced this is how best one can explain what I have termed “Madhuku’s insouciant and scatological behavior”.
Lovemore Madhuku has been behaving strangely of late. In fact, it all started when his time was up at the helm of the National Constitutional Assembly. Instead of leaving, Madhuku clandestinely instituted undemocratic amendments to extend his tenure in office. As expected, he fell out of favour with his longtime comrade Douglas Mwonzora who is currently the Movement for Democratic Change’s spokesperson. Dear readers, I am the natural enemy of all dodgy politicians. Madhuku is one dubious politician to have hailed from Manicaland province where this writer also comes from.
We have had the likes of the late Herbert Wiltshire Chitepo, Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole and his sibling Professor Masipula Sithole. These are people that we are proud to be associated with. They made us proud and even though they passed on, their legacies live on. We still have deep respect and affection for them. They stood for democratic ideals that we would love to pass on to future generations. They were patriotic and we can only honour them by doing that which is right. It is because of men such as these that my generation and I are formulating ideas and expressing our views on all and every issue. As change agents, we are called upon to communicate complex ideas, problems and solutions in a clear way to a wide audience.
Madhuku is a man one cannot afford to trust. I have had some personal experiences with him. We have come into close contact a few times and he of course has been a great disappointment to me personally. In December 2006 I was among the thirty (30) participants selected to partake in the International Training Programme on Peace-building and Good Governance for African Civilian Personnel to be held at the Legon Centre for International Affairs in Ghana for three (3) weeks from January 21, 2007. The organisers, in addition to some American dollars, food and accommodation, were paying 50% of the air ticket and I therefore had to look for the remaining 50%. Being a university student, there was nowhere I could get the money for my ticket.Advertisement

Because I had known Madhuku, I approached him and shared with him the news about going to Ghana for the aforesaid course. I got ticket quotations as per his request and gave him all that he needed including the letter from Ghana. I kept receiving calls, text messages and emails from Ghana regarding whether I would still attend or not. I enquired from Madhuku if he had made any progress but up to this day Madhuku has behaved as if there was nothing. But, dear readers, that was an opportunity that I had wanted to exploit. If it weren’t for lack of resources I would have been a participant in Ghana. I would have represented my country. The problem is and has always been that we deposit faith in those who are insouciant and dishonest. I would have liked it if I had been told simply that he could not help. Now that was at a personal level!
At national level, I admired Madhuku greatly until he allowed himself to be used by the rotten, brutal, cruel, unjust and intolerable regime of dictator, Robert Mugabe. Madhuku has been behaving strangely. I once thought he could one day be our leader but my opinion of him has since drastically changed.
You will recall that once upon a time there was one Jealousy Mawarire who, in 2013, approached the Constitutional Court to compel Mugabe to proclaim election dates. The court of course ruled in Mawarire’s favour on 31st May 2013 and most of us concluded then that he might have been used by Zanu PF so that elections could be held early without the necessary reforms governing democratic elections. Madhuku defended the court judgement as correct. He never stopped there. He went further to call for a flawed election rather than not having one at all! Madhuku’s behaviour should, however, be put in its rightful historical context.
He has been typically immersed in the struggle for a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe. He has been and still is at the helm of the National Constitutional Assembly fighting for a new and democratic constitution for our country. Madhuku has since transformed the NCA into a weak opposition political party. He is renowned for having vigorously campaigned against the adoption of the new constitution that was adopted overwhelmingly on March 16, 2013.
But realising his continued irrelevance in the democratic discourse, Madhuku made a lot of noise as “a legal expert”. Some of us even went as far as thinking that he might have been hired as Mugabe’s legal advisor! Those watching Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) at the time told us that Madhuku was always part of the news upholding the court judgement and by implication, calling for elections to be held on or before 31st July 2013.
As expected, Mugabe used some draconian piece of legislation, the Presidential Powers (and Temporary Measures) Act (Chapter 10:20), to proclaim an election date allegedly “to comply with the Constitutional Court judgement”. Madhuku, again, went all out to defend the manner in which the President handled the whole matter. Prior to the proclamation, Madhuku had actively encouraged the use of the draconian piece of legislation. And one is compelled to ask: was Madhuku doing all this for the benefit of the people or it was an attempt to line his pockets? I believe it was the latter.
In addition, he seems to be fighting a personal war against Morgan Tsvangirai. He has decided to side with the rebels to derail our return to democracy and the rule of law. Are these the sort of actions that will move our country forward or is it yet another opportunity for Madhuku to make money at the expense of national progress? Madhuku is power hungry and has somehow realised that his education isn’t enough to propel him towards the leadership of our great country. He has made mistakes in the process. His positions are unpopular as they make the people hate him more. We have suffered for a long time and we want the dictatorship to go as soon as yesterday. The flawed election he called for is already prolonging our misery as a people. Isn’t it unfortunate therefore that Madhuku chose the way of tyranny over democracy?
Conclusively, I call upon all the great people of Zimbabwe to engage in positive activities that will move the country forward, ensure its progress and stability after having gone through 34 years of tyrannical government. I put it to you! God bless you all.