Mafume Sees Red Once More

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By Mandipa Masenyama

HARARE Mayor Jacob Mafume has been suspended again for suspected acts of gross misconduct, gross incompetence, wilful violation of the law and abuse of office power compromising his posts as mayor.

In the suspension letter by the minister for local government and public works July Moyo said Mafume is suspected to have abused power of office as the Mayor of Harare is said to have meddled his bail conditions which then compromised his posts.

“You were arrested for criminal abuse of office by a public officer and granted bail on 8 December 2020 with a number of conditions one of which being not to interfere with any state witness. Which then compromises your ability to execute your duties as the Mayor of Harare City Council, thereby disrupting smooth running of Council operations,’’ Moyo said.

In addition to the failure of adhering to his bail conditions Mafume is said to have contacted the key witness Edgar Dzehonye and was subsequently arrested again on 14 December 2020.

Mafume was granted another bail with a number of conditions among them being no interference with any state witness.

In his letter Moyo said it is on many occasions that Mafume is alleged to have visited, accessed, interfaced and interacted with Council officials within council offices and premises with the full knowledge that he will be violating his bail conditions.

Moyo said the allegations laid on Mafume give reasonable grounds for Mafume to be suspended from office as he abused office power and reminded Mafume that he must adhere to the law, in particular the bail conditions given to him by the court of law.

“The above allegations give reasonable grounds to suspect that you are guilty of gross misconduct, gross incompetence, and wilful violation of the law.”

“You are hereby directed to respect the courts of law and adhere to the bail conditions given by not obstructing the course of justice,” Moyo added.

Mafume is shunned from carrying out city council related duties as highlighted by the minister for local government and public works during his days of suspension.

“During the period of the said suspension you shall not conduct any business for or on behalf of Council, within or outside Council premises and you shall not be eligible to receive any form of remuneration,” said Moyo.

Mufume was once suspended for being accused of criminal abuse of office relating to improper allocation of residential stands.