‘Magaya has no moral authority to preach against adultery’

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

UNITED Kingdom based socialite and businesswoman, Olinda Chapel has encouraged young girls to speak out and report to relevant authorities as and when they have been taken advantage of by powerful people.

Her comments come following Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) founder, Walter Magaya’s recent sexual abuse scandal in which he stands accused of impregnating a woman but has been reluctant to take care of his love child.

The woman’s parents identified as Molly and Godfrey Maenzanise in a video that went viral on social media claimed the self styled cleric had taken advantage of their dire financial situation to sire a child with their daughter who he had ‘adopted.”

Chapel shared her thoughts on the scandal saying she had every right to discuss the issue the same way the public share her own scandals.

Speaking in a live Facebook page, Chapel cautioned the general populace not to disregard the claims considering their grave nature.

“If someone says they were raped whether true or false its an issue that cannot be ignored because some people will be sincere,” she said.

Chapel went onto add that as a child activist she would stand by her beliefs and did not fear the PHD church members who might attempt to crucify her.

“Before we go any further this means it was an adulterous affair, how then does a prophet who stands in front of a congregation preaching, commits adultery. Then there is the issue of age.

“I know our country is facing a lot of problems, it’s a very negative environment at the moment but young girls should be encouraged to speak out,” Chapel said..

“If you’re a young girl and find yourself in such circumstances you need to speak up.”

Meanwhile local activist, Patson Dzamara has called for protests against the self styled prophet who is not new to sexual harassment scandals.

In 2016 and 2018 Magaya was dragged to court, accused of raping congregants.