Magaya’s parents attacked, robbed

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By Mary Taruvinga

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder, Walter Magaya’s parents were Sunday night attacked and robbed by seven unidentified men who wore masks in the dead of night.

The incident is said to have occurred around midnight at Magaya’s Waterfalls house where his parents live.

The robbers turned the house upside down in search of money from church collections which they believed was hidden there.

In the process, several cell phones were reportedly stolen including US$2 000, $2 000 and a Mercedes Benz registration ADT 6462 belonging to the cleric’s mother.

A police report has since been filed at Waterfalls Police Station under RRB number 4142849.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was yet to get details hence could neither deny nor confirm.

“I have not received that report yet. I would need to find out with the station, give me a bit of time,”said Nyathi.

The police national spokesperson had not responded by the time of publication. visited the house Monday morning before Magaya’s mother, Emma who was still shaken said she has never been disturbed like that before.

“They first attacked the security guard who was manning the gate before they dragged him to his two colleagues,” the elderly woman narrated.

“The robbers then tied up two security guards before they force marched the other one into the girls’ bedroom. They started searching through the room and ordered the girls and the guard to lie down.”

Emma Magaya showing reporters the chaos left by the robbers and the blood stains from an injured security guard

Magaya’s mother sustained a swollen backside and neck injuries while his father sustained a broken arm from assaults.

The cleric’s father already wore a plaster by mid-morning Monday while the traumatised security guards had been taken to hospital, one reportedly with a deep gush on the forehead. There were blood stains in almost every room the bleeding guard had been taken into by the robbers.

The attackers at some point tried to set the house and its occupants alight. Magaya’s mother, father and grandmother and other people at the house were reportedly drenched with petrol but the “robbers” could not find some matches.

Recounting the midnight horror, Magaya’s mother said they were lucky to be alive.

“When I heard the commotion, I started making my way towards the girls’ room but bumped into the robbers mid-way. They force marched us to my mother’s bedroom, but I begged them not to harm my mother because her health is already fragile,” she said.

The mother said the seven then demanded to know where Magaya was and also demanded money.

“The said we know you are keeping money in this house. They said they knew that today’s (Sunday) church offerings was in the house but I told them my son was at his hotel.

“I was stripped naked and was beaten on my buttocks while naked. They kept demanding to see my son before they turned my bedroom upside down looking for money,” she said.

Emma said she then gave the robbers US$2 000 and $2000 she had raised from her tomato and poultry project.

“I thought we were all dying. They poured petrol on us but not one of them had a lighter or match sticks. We could hear them debating on the issues with one of them insisting it was too risky for them to live the victims alive.”

There was also a break in at the cleric’s lawyers firm in Mt Pleasant last year.