Mai Titi Creates Chat Group For Lovelorn Single Mothers, Fathers

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By Munashe Makuwe

POPULAR local comedian Mai Titi has created a group for all single mothers and fathers who are still searching hard for love by putting a link on her Facebook page to give people access to the chat group.

Posting on Mai T’s Diaries, which is her official Facebook page, she said the new group is a chance for all singles who are “ready to mix and mingle” find love and friendship.

She said the group would only be for single parents.

“Mai T’s Diaries is creating a group of only single moms and dads who are still searching and ready to mix and mingle. Take note… This is a serious group hanty. Those who are willing to give love and another chance, follow the link,” she wrote on her page.

She put a bit of humour in the post by saying; “Me I’m just the referee and I’m already taken lol.”

After her last relationship with young musical artist Zizoe collapsed spectacularly early this year while the celebrity couple was in the UK, Mai Titi has not opened up much on her relationship status in the media saying she has been focusing on her work and self growth.

Mai Titi is one of the most popular socialites and comedians in Zimbabwe with a wide range of followers giving her the base to be one of the most influential females in the country.