Mai Titi Quits Social Media Scandals 

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

LOCAL comedienne and socialite, Mai Titi says she will no longer partake in scandals and social media rants as she seeks to improve and grow her brand.

Mai Titi real name Felistus Murata is no stranger to controversies as she has for years aired her dirty laundry on social media platforms.

Her nasty divorce, clap-backs to fans, break-ups, fights with other local celebrities are some of the things that have found their way on social media platforms through her own posts and lives streamed videos.

Recently she made headlines after an online spat with her Nigerian fiance, Obina Ugwa barely a year after they solemnised their union.

Mai Titi, who is currently in Tanzania for her acting debut, said she had been advised to put a stop to her social media spats and had taken heed to that.

“One of the biggest celebrities here in Tanzania said, ‘I follow you and I love your work but sometimes people drag you because you want it to stop and start explaining everything’, and I think it makes sense,” she said.

“Nothing is ever going to be responded to or addressed on this page, I am trying to be mature. This is the last time I will put any of my relationships on social media all that stuff I am never going to do it.

“Honestly speaking, that has nothing to do with the Mai Titi brand, and it disturbs the whole thing when all these things start escalating.

“This is a brand and it will remain a brand, if it was a mixed brand it’s now going to be a straight up brand because of the things that I have learned here, my page is now strictly for business,” she said in a video.