Mai Titi says marriage on the rocks, US$100k wedding debts unpaid: ‘people don’t know the animal in this man’ – she says

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By Mary Taruvinga, Senior Reporter

SOCIAL media influencer and comedian Felistas Murata, aka Mai Titi, has poured out her heart disclosing that she is heartbroken and regrets marrying her United States-based husband Tinashe Maphosa.

The couple’s marriage has become rocky barely three months after they tied the knot.

The couple made headlines after they splashed over US$100,000 on a lavish wedding held at Royal Gates in Chisipite in April this year.

According to media reports, to book this picturesque venue, Mai Titi paid US$6,000.

The couple forked out over US$100k ahead of their big day.

Murata, breaking down the budget, said she paid US$4,500 for the gown, US$800 for décor and US$7,500 for the rings.

She vented in a live Facebook video post days after news of a turmoil over monetary issues went viral last week.

A fellow socialite Tatenda Karigambe, better known as Tatelicious, had set social media ablaze with a leaked audio recording in which Murata insulted a relative for kicking her out a family WhatsApp group.

The skit-maker fears her husband could be dating a friend’s daughter only identified as Panashe.

Shockingly, her husband, after blessing Mai Titi with a new house on her birthday, went on to give the keys to the controversial lady.

Panashe is now blocking every effort for Murata to take occupation or possession of the new house, in an eyebrow-raising situation.

Murata has vowed to fight for what is hers.

It has also emerged that she used personal funds for the lavish wedding.

Her husband had promised to settle the bills and debts but has made a U-turn on his promises and, according to Murata, each time she raises the subject, she gets threatened and blackmailed.

Sad as the situation is, no one believes her side of the story to an extent that even her parents regard her as the bad person.

“I’m suffering because no one is standing with me, my own parents have been manipulated by my husband who is known as a preacher,” said Murata.

She said even her husband’s relatives do not respect her.

“They have been given the power to insult me anyhow,” she said.

“I’m not at peace but if you see him preaching you will never know he is such a person. Ndaneta, I’m tired.. you have never seen this guy, angry, fuming. He would appear like a possessed person,” she said.

Murata also claimed that Maphosa was abusive.

“In the first place I didn’t even love him otherwise I had issues to solve. When I was in the UK I had no peace. The police once came to his house after he assaulted me but I covered for him and lied to the police yet he had assaulted me the previous night.

“I’m suffering; I am in pain. I will lose nothing by leaving him but I’m worried about the money he borrowed. He doesn’t want peace, he wants a war. People don’t know the animal in this man.

“I will talk, I’m only waiting for something. I’m just hurt why people come into my life to hurt me and lie to me. I try to be nice but people treat me badly only to play victim just because I am too vocal, ”she said.

Commenting about the monetary turmoil Murata said her husband had no money for their wedding although he was the one who had insisted that they wed.

“He would contribute money but could not afford exorbitant bills. I would settle those by myself, for example he wanted a helicopter for our wedding but could not afford. I paid for the helicopter myself,” she said.

She said she had put about US$50 000 aside for her house which she was building but diverted the money for their wedding.

Maphosa promised to pay back but never did.

“I took all the savings for my house because we wanted a beautiful wedding. When he came for the wedding he started stitching up stories that his debit card was not working, that his funds were not ready.

“He asked me to borrow. I had my reservations but I had no option. I have properties and I knew my property would be attached. Then I asked for  money from our aunty and another friend.

“When he went back he blocked the people we borrowed the money from. He kept on giving empty promises.

“There are times he would send money, I didn’t use the money, I used it to settle the part of the debts,” she said.