Mai TT In Tanzania For Acting Debut With Musician Awilo Longomba

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

LOCAL comedienne, Mai Titi is currently in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania for her acting debut in the film, “A Life To Regret” starring popular Congolese Rumba musician, Awilo Longomba.

Also a musician in her own right, Mai Titi, real name Felistus Murata will try her hand at professional acting.

A Life To Regret is being produced by United Kingdom-based Burundi’s Billy Jeremiah Brown (BJB) Films and will likely premiere this August.

The movie centers on the conflicts between a step-mother played by Mai Titi and her step-daughter.

The fun-loving Mai Titi met Leo Brown of BJB Films in 2018 got a cast role as she sought to broaden her career.

Speaking to the Tanzanian media upon arrival in Dar-es-Salaam, Mai Titi said: “I am here in Tanzania for the movie, A Life To Regret that is featuring me and Awilo Longomba.

“The movie is about a husband and a wife, step-mom who will be ill-treating the husband’s children. These things happen in our day-to-day lives whereby the mom passes way then the man remarries and the other woman starts ill-treating the children.”

She added, should she have free time on her plate, she would like to collaborate with Tanzanian musical artistes for some productions.

“This is my first time in Tanzania and it’s such a beautiful place. At the moment we are just focusing on the movie but if we have extra time I would love to collaborate with some.”

The movie’s shooting was previously set for the United Kingdom but due to Covid-19 restrictions, the production was moved to Tanzania which is “Covid-19 free”.

BJB Films founder, Leo Brown said he got the idea to cast musicians in the movie from Hollywood’s action film, Expendables 3 which was star studded.

“I chose musicians because when I first watched the movie, Expendables 3 it was full of celebrities and I was like ‘I can try something new myself’ instead of using actors I can use musicians.

“They are entertainers they can bring the crowds, the fans to the movie who would love to see them acting.”