Majome says still going independent but backs Chamisa for president

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By UK Bureau & Harare Correspondent

SITTING MDC-T Harare West legislator Jessie Majome has insisted she will file nomination papers as an independent candidate in a development that compounds the party’s problems over candidates.

Party officials had appeared to suggest the respected legislator would be offered a Senate seat or become a Proportionate Representative in the National Assembly.

However, addressing a press conference in the capital Wednesday, Majome said no such offer was ever made by the leadership.

“There had been reports that I had been offered a Senate seat or Proportionate Representative in the National Assembly. It is simply not true that the MDC-T ever negotiated with me regarding my decision withdrawing from the sham election. At no point did the party negotiate with me.

‘‘At no point did the party even acknowledge the issues or that they were addressing the irregularities that led to my withdrawing. That is if unless that Press conference was the negotiation. I have made a decision to run as an independent.”

The MP hit out at party chairman Morgan Komichi and Presidential Chief of Staff Sesel Zvidzai.

“I was actually shocked to see on social media that I had been offered a Senate seat to contest when I had made it clear that I wanted the parliamentary seat,” she said.

“Komichi and Zvidzai never engaged me at all besides being available to them to resolve the matter. They ignored me and kept referring me back and forth to each other.

“On May 17, I wrote to Komichi informing him (about) my plan to run as an independent but several attempts to meet them hit a snag because they did not give a clear picture on what they intended to do with the issues I had raised to them.”

Majome refused to contest the MDC-T’s primary elections for the constituency, condemning the process as flawed and neither free nor fair.

“I disagreed with the party because the party’s guidelines were vandalised . . . right now there were no primary elections that were held in Harare West in respect for both councillors and Members of Parliament yet there were contenders,” she said Wednesday.

“After all the suffering Zimbabweans have gone through for the past 38 years, it is so sad that we find ourselves in such positions where leadership imposes candidates against the will of people.”

The MDC-T is rowing with its alliance partners over candidates with the smaller coalition parties complaining about being bullied.

MDC Alliance spokesman Welshman Ncube conceded the teething problems and urged the coalition to remain united.

“Yes, there is unhappiness in the manner in which we have handled some of these issues, but Zimbabwean people deserve to be given a chance,” Ncube told

“We must remain united; it is absolutely important that we keep the Alliance together because the MDC Alliance is the only alternative that Zimbabweans have.

“We need not divide votes and go separate ways.”