Makandiwa roasted for bootlicking Mnangagwa

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By Anna Chibamu

CHARISMATIC cleric and United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has come under heavy criticism for praise singing President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the Zanu PF leader’s visit to his church in Saturday.

Makandiwa went into an overdrive extolling Mnangagwa’s virtues during the event, declaring his undying support for Mnangagwa, describing him as God fearing.

“I love your leadership. Your God given ability to concentrate on your work while people talk negative things is beyond measure. You are blessed,” Makandiwa said.

The self-styled prophet claimed that Mnangagwa was developing the country and had no reason to campaign for votes.

“Even if you desist from campaigning, the works will speak for you. I cannot look at such a good road and be quiet,” Makandiwa gushed.

This irked Twitter users who mocked the clergyman accusing him of praising a man who has presided over an unprecedented economic collapse.

Norton MP Temba Mliswa urged Makandiwa to join Zanu PF rather than hide behind the church.

“Makandiwa should just join Zanu PF and stop this elevated posturing, feinting more enlightenment than everyone else. He is a pastor for God’s sake and should operate in a smarter way. I am independent but openly state the only party I know is Zanu PF. He should do the same! He can join the party structures & advance the party propaganda openly not hiding behind the pulpit and abusing congregants by foisting on them his personal political positions purveyed with spiritual excuse,” Mliswa said.

One Patriotic Papa JC said: “Dear Prophet Makandiwa, it is not my tradition to answer man of God but your Easter statement on ED makes every Christian compelled to question your prophecy. Whilst we remember the suffering of Jesus on the cross don’t you VaMakandiwa see the suffering of Zimbabweans?”

“Prophet Makandiwa’s blasphemous utterances cannot go unchallenged. The Bible says it is a sin to see; hear and speak no evil whilst it’s done on your eyes. Makandiwa has been corrupted by Zanu PF. Does Makandiwa not see the unemployed in the country? Is the self-proclaimed Prophet not hearing his church members crying over unstable exchange rate caused by Mnangagwa’s failure on basic economic fundamentals?”

However, Information secretary Nick Mangwana questioned those disagreeing with Makandiwa and others to introspect on their thoughts and judgments.

On Twitter, Mangwana had this to say: “Stop it. Bishop Mutendi-You insult, Prophet Makandiwa-you insult, Mutumwa Taguta-you insult, Mudzidzi Wimbo-you insult, Rev.Wutaunashe-you insult, Mudzidzi Mwazha-you insult. Munosara nani. Imi moga are the correct ones?”