Makomborero Joy Cut Short As He Remains Caged

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By Mary Taruvinga

FIREBRAND political activist Makomborero Haruzivishe’s joy was on Wednesday cut short after it emerged that he is yet to secure bail for another case in which he is accused of kidnapping.

He had secured bail following a successful appeal at the High Court in a case which bail had been revoked by a Harare magistrate.

“He has another pending case for kidnapping. The impala case were they demanded the release of Ngadziore (Takudzwa), another activist. We will be making a fresh bail for him tomorrow (Thursday). The matter is likely to be set down on Monday or Tuesday,” said his lawyer Simon Chabuka.

Chabuka says what is surprising is that the facts in a case he is being held for remains the same with the facts in the case he has been granted bail for.

“Circumstances and complainant’s remain the same so as his lawyers we feel it is just unnecessary split of charges only aimed at keeping him inside.”

Makomborero has been in jail for the past nine months after his bail was revoked for skipping court.

He has several criminal cases yet be finalised.