Malema says to attend Mugabe burial as EFF honours late Zim leader

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By Leopold Munhende

FIREBRAND South African opposition EFF leader, Julius Malema has said he will be attending late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s burial whose place is yet to be known.

His visit will come after an event to honour Mugabe to be hosted by his party on Thursday in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Malema said this on Tuesday afternoon outside South Africa’s Special Crimes Unit, Hawks offices where he had been summoned for firing a rifle in public.

“We are going to bury President Robert Mugabe. He is our leader. He is our icon.

“Let us all remember Mugabe the best way, we know how. If he is a villain to you (white South Africans), do not impose that on us. Let us all remember him in different ways. What could be a hero to you may not be a hero to me,” said the former ANC youth leader.

Malema once torched a storm when he urged “grandpa” Mugabe to surrender power to a more younger leader.

He has been to Zimbabwe before where he met Mugabe.

The revolutionary South African politician said his party shall be celebrating Mugabe’s legacy against Western desires to see a vilified ex-Zimbabwean leader.

He said he will not be told who to celebrate by “white monopoly capitalists” who awarded Frederick Willam de Klerk a Nobel Peace Prize after years at the helm of an apartheid government which claimed thousands of black South Africans.

“I am not going to be told by racists of nought who to celebrate and who not to celebrate.

“The memorial service is open to all. We wrote to the Zimbabwean Embassy, to Zanu PF informing them that we will be honouring President Robert Mugabe like we did with Fidel Castro.

“We always honour those that the white monopoly capital wants us to hate. We do the opposite.”

At his peak, Mugabe, celebrated elsewhere as a great Pan Africanist, tormented Western powers at international summits, challenging what he said was their superiority complex on the African continent, dismissing their alleged sense of entitlement and telling them to ‘go hang.’