Malema slams Dudula operatives; says they are chasing Zimbabweans out of South Africa so they become white people’s negroes 

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Correspondent  

ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Julius Malema has blasted some of his fellow South Africans engaged in Operation Dudula, telling them they just want to be white people’s negroes, a derogatory term used to refer to slaves.

Speaking at the third North West provincial people’s assembly over the weekend, Malema questioned why black South Africans were not fighting for land if indeed they sought economic emancipation.

“Today you are fighting with Zimbabweans, you are all fighting to be negroes. You are fighting to work for a white man, you are not fighting for the land,” said Malema.

“All of you joined hands to fight against Zimbabweans because you want to be workers, you do not want to be the owners of strategic sectors of the economy, all you fight for is a job.

“You are proud to fight to work for a white man. Why should you fight people for jobs? We should fight people for our land because with our land we will not be workers.

“With our land we will not be workers, we will be owners and we will produce for ourselves and for all.

“We are not fighting for the mines; we never say Zimbabweans are all over here owning banks when South Africans do not own banks and you think you have made a very powerful political statement.

“You are fighting to work for Boss, in the EFF we are not fighting to work for Boss.”

Malema has been consistent in defence of Zimbabweans, who have been the main targets in ongoing attacks on foreigners by South Africans.

His EFF has blamed ruling ANC for the attacks which have claimed lives.