Malema takes aim at Mnangagwa

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By Staff Reporter

SOUTH African opposition leader Julius Malema, has taken aim at President Emmerson Mnangagwa and demanded that the Zanu PF leader respects human rights in Zimbabwe.

Malema was speaking at the launch of his party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) manifesto Saturday, at which he called on the people of South Africa to stop xenophobic attacks against African immigrants.

“Zimbabwe is our home. We must not fight with Zimbabweans. Mozambique, DRC and Botswana are our homes. These borders were imposed on us by the colonisers.

“We are one people, we never said we want borders. The problems of Zimbabwe are our problems. We must help solve the problems of Zimbabwe,” said Malema.

With Mnangagwa turned to the army to suppress dissent in the country twice inside two years, killing more that 20 people, Malema let rip.

“We call upon Mnangagwa to respect democracy. Democracy is not elections but human rights. Why do you beat people who are toyi-toying?

“Why do you shut down the internet because you disagree with the people? We don’t want that type of government in Zimbabwe,” the fiery EFF leader said.

Malema said the EFF wanted to see all people of Africa descent free across the world.

“We are praying that the people of DRC, must find a permanent solution to their problems. We want the people of Western Sahara to get back their land.

“We want the people of Palestine to get their freedom from Apartheid Israel,” he said. “The people of Cuba must find their freedom. They have contributed so much to South Africa.”

Sadc recently held a solidarity conference with Western Sahara currently under Moroccan colonial rule.

Following what critics have described as “reckless statements” made by South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding immigrants, Malema called for an end to xenophobia. He added his party would not accept a vote from people who hate Africans.

“Let us stop xenophobia. Let us stop self hate. You don’t beat a Chinese or white when they don’t have proper documents. You beat Africans without papers because you hate yourselves.

“If you hate Zimbabweans and you will not vote the EFF because we say we must love Zimbabweans please do that. If you are not going to vote for us because we love ourselves then you can go with your-self-hating vote. When we see a Zimbabwean we see ourselves,” Malema told cheering supporters.

“We will defend Zimbabweans and Africans in our townships.”

Immigrants in South Africa were left on edge after Ramaphosa told an ANC rally that his government would hunt down undocumented immigrants.