Man (41) killed by elephants while herding cattle

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Hwange: A man from Dete outside Hwange was found dead with intestines protruding in the wildlife infested Sikumi Forest after being trampled by elephants.

Dingilizwe Mlilo, aged 41 of Dingani village under Chief Nekatambe, had left home on Thursday to round up his herd of cattle in the afternoon when he was attacked by some elephants.

His elder brother, Mordechai Ndebele who reported the matter to the police, said Mlilo’s lifeless body was found on Saturday.

“He left home on Thursday 27 August at about 3pm going into Sikumi Forest to look for cattle and did not return home on the same day.

“He was staying with our mother Lina Ndebele (70) at home and she did not bother to look for him as she thought he was going to return,” said Ndebele.

The brother said on Saturday, his mother got worried seeing that Mlilo had not returned and alerted other family members and neighbours.

“On Saturday morning that is when she alerted us and neighbours. We all thought that he had gone somewhere and would return.

“Later in the afternoon, we started suspecting that his disappearance was unusual and we set off for the bush to look for him,” said Ndebele.

Mlilo’s lifeless body was found facing downwards with intestines protruding on an anthill near a watering hole.

There were elephant spoors and struggle marks around the body and ant hill.

A report was made to police who attended the scene and retrieved the body.

Police confirmed the incident and said Hwange magistrate Rangarirai Gakanje waived postmortem as no foul play was suspected.

Early this month, a 91-year-old man also from Hwange was trampled by elephants while rounding up cattle in the bush.

The sad incidents come as Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has reported that more than 50 people were killed while 40 others were injured by wild animals since January as human-wildlife conflict escalates.

Zimparks has said the ongoing lockdown left rangers incapacitated to speedily respond to report, leaving humans exposed to danger while animals are also prone to poaching.