Man axes neighbour to death in row over missing cattle

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

A BINGA villager has been arrested for murder after he allegedly struck a neighbour with an axe, accusing him of being a nuisance, police have confirmed.

Stanley Muleya, 37, of Sinansengwe area in Kariangwe, was expected to be charged with the murder of Madamombe Mudenda, 30, from the same area.

A report made to the police showed that Muleya hit Mudenda with the back of an axe, causing the latter’s instant death.

Muleya handed himself to the police after committing the offence.

According to the police report, Muleya got incensed when Mudenda asked about his herd of cattle which had not returned home for penning.

“The now-deceased was coming for a beer drink around 5pm when he discovered that his herd of cattle had not come back home.

“He went to look for the cattle but couldn’t find them and decided to inform his neighbour Andrew Muleya,” read a police report seen by NewZimbabwe.Com.

On his way to Andrew’s homestead, Mudenda met the two Muleya brothers and told them about his missing herd.

Stanley Muleya reportedly told him off, saying he should not trouble people about his missing livestock.

A misunderstanding then ensued between the two after which the Muleya brothers proceeded on their way while Mudenda returned to his homestead.

However, Mudenda later decided to follow the two to Andrew’s homestead where he reignited the argument.

Stanley then reportedly picked an axe and allegedly struck Mudenda on the back of the left ear.

Mudenda collapsed and died instantly.

The accused then told his brother that he was going to hand himself to the police which he did, resulting in his arrest.

He is expected to appear at the Binga magistrates’ court for murder.