Man invited to SA by uncle for better prospects; he stabs benefactor to death, steals R20,000

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By Staff Reporter

HIGH Court judge Justice Priscilla Munangati Manongwa has sentenced a Glen View man, Admire Dziko to 10 years imprisonment for killing his uncle in South Africa.

Dziko was found guilty of culpable homicide after he killed Elina Bonface Mubure who had invited him to search for greener pastures in the neighbouring.

He also stole ZAR20,000 before fleeing to Zimbabwe.

Dziko had denied the allegations arguing that he acted in self-defence after his late uncle attempted to stab him with a screwdriver.

The judge was not convinced with his testimony and convicted him on the lesser count.

“The court believes Dziko’s  account as per the confirmed statement as probable that the deceased attacked him with a screwdriver as he sought to escape.

“That having happened , Dziko  disposed of the deceased, the aforementioned screw driver. He was now in  a better position than his attacker.”

“In the result, the court finds that although Dziko found himself under attack, the means that he used to avert the unlawful attack were not reasonable in the circumstances given the foregoing evidence and analysis.

“Thus the defence proffered by the accused becomes a partial defence in the given circumstances. In the result the accused is found guilty of culpable homicide.”

The judge suspended three years of his sentence on condition of good behaviour.

During trial, court heard Dziko had stolen a large sum of money from the deceased and fled to Zimbabwe.

Mabure’s son said last September, he saw Dziko at their house, arguing with his father and two other men.

He however, left for work but upon his return, he saw his father dead in the cottage with stab wounds on his eye and neck.

Dziko then fled to Zimbabwe, but was arrested by the police following a tip off by one of the deceased’s relatives who had seen him at Machipisa, in Highfields.

Upon his arrest Dziko was found in possession of the deceased’s two mobile phones.

Police also recovered goods worth ZAR20,000 from him.

Dziko told court he was  lured by his uncle from Musina where he was working to come to Johannesburg.

It was his defence that upon his arrival, he saw his uncle with two other men who started accusing him of stealing money.

He went on to argue that he was assaulted by his uncle until the two other men left.

Dziko said it was during the scuffle that his uncle tried to stab him with a screwdriver but he overpowered him and his uncle  “inadvertently” punctured his own neck.