Man caged 10 years for raping mentally ill sister

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A HARARE man will live to regret the day he raped his friend’s mentally ill sister after he was caged 10 years while court also heard of a rapist who drowned his victim’s cries in loud music.

Fungai Chimonyo, 44, will, however, endure effective eight years behind bars after two years of his sentence were suspended on conditions.

Chimonyo pleaded not guilty to rape, but was convicted after a full trial before Harare regional magistrate Elijah Makomo.

Prosecutor, Mollyn Mavhondo Mutamangira, proved that on December 27 last year, the victim was alone at home when Chimonyo went to the house looking for his friend.

Chimonyo was attended to at the gate by the victim who told him that her brother and aunt had gone out hence she was alone at home.

He then asked her to open the gate and she complied and while inside the yard, Chimonyo closed the gate and asked the victim to kiss him but she refused.

Court heard that he then pushed her to the ground before raping her.

The victim’s neighbour, who observed Chimonyo’s movements, became suspicious when he saw him entering the yard.

He peeped over the security wall and saw Chimonyo raping the woman before he confronted him. Chimonyo quickly dashed out of the gate and disappeared.

Meanwhile, another suspected serial rapist Trymore Machipisa, 35, from Harare was this week back in court facing fresh charges of raping his neighbour’s 10-year-old daughter.

Machipisa has other pending rape and indecent assault charges before the same court in which he allegedly raped and indecently assaulted other girls from the neighbourhood.

It is the State’s case that sometime in November last year, Machipisa saw the victim coming from school on her way home.

He called her to his barbershop and the minor refused.

It is alleged that Machipisa followed the victim and grabbed her from behind before gagging her.

He allegedly dragged her into the barbershop and raped her.

The girl is said to have screamed for help but no one heard her due to the loud music Machipisa was playing.

After the act, Machipisa ordered the girl not to tell anyone about the abuse adding that if she did so, a ‘baboon’ would take her away.

The offence came to light after Machipisa was arrested for raping another girl and women in the area started questioning their daughters if they had not been sexually abused too.

The victim then opened up to her mother about the sexual abuse.