Man fakes own death to avoid giving wife money

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A 27-year-old man tried faking his own death, by taking photos of himself acting dead in a mortuary.

He did this allegedly, so that his wife would stop asking for money from him.

Danny Gonzalez is formerly from Honduras but currently lives in the United States.

In the photos, he had cotton wool in his nose and mouth and he was covered in a white sheet all over his body.

Following that he sent the photos to his wife who lives in southern Honduras.

The message that his wife received suggested that he had died from cancer and asthma.

However, according to THE MIRROR it backfired after local media in his hometown started to report his sudden death.

But it didn’t take relatives long to realise all was not as it seemed, as Gonzalez appeared to be grinning in the photos.

Others noticed that he appeared to be lying in a doubled bed, and the white sheet over his body was actually a pillow cover.

The Mirror