Man gets 12 years for beheading wife caught having bush sex with nephew

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Hwange: An Inyathi man in Matabeleland North who beheaded his wife when he caught her having sex in the bush with his nephew was on Wednesday jailed 12 years after the courts found him guilty for culpable homicide.

David Chaloma (31) of Village 11 in Goodwood in Siganda had tried to commit suicide by taking a dip chemical and stabbing himself on the throat and stomach after killing his wife Isabel Mpala in June this year.

This was after he caught her having sex in the bush with his nephew, Prince Ncube who was also a state witness against him during trial.

Ncube denied having sex with the now deceased.

A 12-year-old boy who stayed with Chaloma and Mpala called some neighbours after he smelt the dip chemical on Chaloma in his bedroom.

The neighbours came to find Mpala’s lifeless body in one of the huts at the time a bloodied Chaloma had gotten into blankets claiming to be unwell after consuming poison and stabbing himself on the throat and stomach.

Chaloma escaped the murder charge after High Court judge Nokuthula Moyo accepted a lesser charge of culpable homicide on the grounds that he was provoked.

Memory Munsaka for the State said Chaloma tracked down his wife to a bush where he found her pants down with Ncube.

“On 13 June 2018 at 7am the accused and Thembani Ndlovu went to the dip tank for cattle branding. Later during the day the deceased went to Siganda Clinic with the intention to have a family planning contraceptive (Nor Plant) removed,” read the court papers.

The court was told that Chaloma returned from the dip tank in the afternoon and followed his wife to the clinic.

As he walked along a footpath while tracking her footprints, Chaloma noticed that she had diverted into the bush upon which he found her intimate with his nephew.

Chaloma did not say anything but returned home and waited for her.

In the evening, he questioned her about the incident and a fight ensued as she adamantly told him she had the liberty to do anything with her body, court further heard.

The two fought upon which Chaloma stabbed the woman with an okapi knife before axing her several times and chopping off her head.

He later tried to kill himself using the same knife and poison.

In his defence, Chaloma said he was stabbed by Mpala and he used an axe in self-defence after she had responded by saying: “if you hunt for a baboon in a mountain you will find it” after he had questioned her about her infidelity.