Man Kills Brother Over 0.02 Grammes Of Gold

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By Staff Reporter

A NYANGA man reportedly assaulted his brother to death over 0.02 grammes of gold which the siblings had panned in neighbouring Mozambique.

Police have confirmed the incident.

Manicaland provincial deputy police spokesperson Inspector Luxson Chananda said last week, Samuel Sokiri (27), Simudzai Sokiri (31), Freddy Mukonowamwere and Alois Nyamatanga were drinking opaque beer at Chimusasa Business Centre.

They later decided to go home and retire for the night.

However, on their way home, the suspect, Samuel Sokiri had a dispute with his brother Simudzai over 0.02 grammes of gold they had panned in Nyamutombwe area, Mozambique.

The two exchanged harsh words over the issue until the argument degenerated into a fist fight.

Mukonowamwere tried to restrain them but failed.

“The suspect started assaulting Simudzai with fists and he fell on the ground and became unconscious,” said Chananda.

Samuel then left the scene together with Mukonowamwere and Nyamatanga leaving the now deceased lying on the ground unconscious and proceeded home.

“The deceased was spotted by Chimusasa Kembo (67) who was coming from Chimusasa Business Centre. The deceased had some head and face injuries,” Chananda added.

Kembo rushed to Samuel’s home and informed him Samuel and his wife that Simudzai was in great pain.

Samuel’s wife Nyarai Nyamuwe rushed home and managed to assist Simudzai to reach his home.

However, Simudzai succumbed to the injuries the following day and Kembo reported the matter at Ruwangwe Police station who attended the scene leading to the arrest of Samuel.

Chananda urged members of the public to seek counselling whenever they found themselves in disputes with other parties.

“People should solve their problems amicably rather than taking law into their own hands,” he said.