Man Kills Uncle Over Sangoma

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

IN an incident that has left the community stunned, a  32 year-old Nkayi man in Matabeleland North province allegedly stabbed killed his maternal uncle as they quarreled over whether or not a popular local traditional healer was genuine or fake.

Police have now launched a manhunt for the alleged cold-blooded killer, Melinkosi Ndlovu of Koto Village in Gwelutshena’s Zidulini who vanished immediately after stabbing Rangisai Ndlovu (44) on the chest with a kitcken knife at the height of the argument.

The two were arguing about whether the traditional healer, who lives in the neighbouring  Zozo Village, was a genuine healer or not.

Grace Nkomo, the now deceased’s wife, reported the matter to police.

“On 9 August around 8:30pm, the informant who is accused’s wife, was sleeping in her bedroom hut when she was awakened by the noise from the argument between her husband, suspect and two others-Bonwell Ndlovu and Ben Sibanda. The accused and deceased were quarrelling over genuineness of a traditional healer who resides in Zozo village also in the area,” said the police.

Ndlovu and Sibanda initially restrained the two but their efforts proved top be futile as the now deceased picked a stick and hit his nephew twice.

The suspect retaliated by drawing a knife and stabbing his uncle on the, chest causing him to collapse on his back.

The suspect fled the scene.

He allegedly told his brother that he wanted to commit suicide as his conscience was eating him for killing his uncle.

The suspect’s whereabouts are not known.

Police cleared the body and took it to Nkayi District Hospital mortuary pending postmortem.