Man loses life over drunken stupor slip of the tongue

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By Staff Reporter

Gutu: A 60 year old man from Gutu, was killed in cold blood by his 23 year old son, after a drunken stupor slip of the tongue in which he reportedly disowned his son.

Steward Ganda was not asked to plead when he appeared before Gutu Magistrate Victor Mohamadi facing murder charges.

He was remanded in custody and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
Prosecutors told the court that Diti Ganda died after he was struck with a sharp objet several times on the forehead by his son.

The court heard that the now deceased, allegedly told Stewart that he was not his son because her mother (his wife) was a prostitute.

It is also alleged that on 12 April this year, the now deceased from Chief Mazuru area in Gutu was drinking traditional brew at a neighbor’s homestead in the village when he was joined by his son for the beer binge.

The two, according to court records, drank together until 5pm when they decided to return home and on their way, the deceased told his son that he was not his biological child because his mother was a prostitute when he married her.

This angered his son who took a sharp object and struck his father several times on the forehead until he became unconscious.

Stewart according to the State then dragged the Ganda’s lifeless body into the bushes and covered it with tree brushes.
After committing the crime the court was told that Stewart went to his Kainos’s homestead, and confessed that he had murdered his father for disowning him.

It is alleged that he also revealed where he had hidden the body.

Kainos rushed to the scene and found the deceased was already dead. He then notified the police leading to Stewart’s arrest.