Man rapes, murders five family members and attempts to kill two more

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A HARARE man last week went berserk and killed family members by torching the house they were sleeping in after raping a girl from the same family over an undisclosed dispute.

Steven Manjovha, 35, of Budiriro is also being accused of attempting to kill his wife and the mother of the deceased children.

He is answering to five murder counts, two attempted murder counts and one rape count.

Manjovha was denied bail and was ordered to apply at the High Court.

According to the state, the bizarre incident occurred on April 12 this year at Pension Farm in Glenview.

Prosecutors allege that Manjovha first approached a 12 year girl of Tavashavira family and raped her in a bushy area when she was coming from a relative’s place.

It is alleged that after the abusing the girl, he called her father and told him that he was going to harm his family.

Pursuant to his threats, court heard that around 23:00 hours on the same day he went to Tavashavira’s residence in Churu Farm near Glenview where his estranged wife Patricia Rutsato was staying.

Court heard his wife was sleeping with the mother of the abused girl together with her five children.

On arrival, pounced on the door forcing it open alerting the two women who tried to push him out to no avail.

It is alleged that Manjovha who was holding a container with petrol opened it up and sprinkled the contents on his wife and the mother of the five children before he set the house on fire.

He closed the door and in seconds the house was engulfed in fire while he ran away.

Children aged 10, 9, 6, 4, and one year were severely burnt before they were rushed to Harare hospital together with their mother and Manjovha’s wife.

Unfortunately, all the children died upon admission and their mother and Manjovha’s wife are battling for their lives in hospital.

Manjovha was arrested over the weekend.