Man Sent To Mental Prison After Killing Granny

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Hwange: A High Court judge has ordered mental examination on a Tsholotsho man who beat his grandmother to death with a burning log.

Bulawayo’s Justice Martin Makonese said Givemore Gumbo (32) from Thula village under Chief Gampu in Tsholotsho should be examined by two psychiatrists before he could be brought to his court to be tried for murder and assault.

Gumbo allegedly killed his 68-year-old grandmother Senzeni Moyo and beat up his niece Nomazulu Bhebhe on 4 July 2018.

The suspect, who had a known history of mental illness but had never sought mental examination, was drunk on the day.

He allegedly became violent and started assaulting Nomazulu who was 17 then, with open hands before turning to the elderly woman who had rebuked him for beating up his niece.

Gumbo, who was represented by Linda Mthombeni of Dube, Nkala and Company, briefly appeared before Justice Makonese at the Hwange circuit but was not asked to plead as the judge ordered his examination by two psychiatrists before the case could be heard.

Prosecutor, Martha Cheda said Gumbo arrived home drunk shouting and threatening to kill.

“On July 4, 2018, the accused got home drunk around 7pm and was shouting on top of his voice saying he wanted to kill someone.

“He slapped Nomazulu Bhebhe who was outside a kitchen hut and she ran into the hut where her grandmother, the deceased was,” said the prosecutor.

Gumbo followed and continued to assault her inside the kitchen hut.

The now deceased rebuked Gumbo who started assaulting her with open hands before pulling a log from the fire which he used to hit her.

Moyo and Nomazulu tried to flee but Gumbo caught up with Moyo whom he struck several times on the head with the log.

The elderly woman bled to her death.

A report was made to the police leading to Gumbo’s arrest.