Man sues minister over shooting by cops

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By Mary Taruvinga

HOME Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe has been slapped with a $900 000 lawsuit by a local man who was shot five times in the abdomen by police officers February this year.

The minister is being sued together with Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga, cited as second respondent in the matter.

The complainant in the case is one Tinashe Deshe who is being represented by human rights lawyers.

According to summons now before the High Court, Deshe was shot in February this year while at a bar close to Waverly bus stop in Kwekwe.

In his founding affidavit, Deshe said on the day of his misfortune, some police officers arrived and shut down the bar.

Deshe went outside where he waited for his friend who was gambling.

Another group of police officers allegedly arrived at the scene and randomly shot bullets at those who were gambling but hit Deshe.

He said he did not run away because he was simply standing and not breaking any law.

When fire was opened, Deshe said he was shot three times in the anterior abdomen and two times on the abdominal flanks.

“In shooting the plaintiff, officer concerned acted negligently as the plaintiff had not committed any criminal offence, was unarmed and had not threatened the police officers in any way which justified the police officers resort to severe force.

“Further, it was reasonably foreseeable in the circumstances that resorting to the use of live ammunition would result in the serious injury of the plaintiff,” reads part of the summons.

Court was told that as a result of the shooting, Deshe suffered serious injuries and had to go through surgery.

The lawyers say the injuries resulted in a cosmetologic defect on his anterior abdomen.

“The plaintiff also suffered acute stress disorder, depression and anxiety arising from the negligent shooting.

“The plaintiff had also lost his social amenities of life due to the cosmetological disorder and the acute stress and depression. The plaintiff no longer freely and openly socialise as used to do before the incident.”

The damages are broken down as, $300 000 for pain and suffering, $300 000 for nervous shock, $150 000 for disfigurement and $150 000 for loss of amenities of life.

The matter is pending.