Manager, Guard Stage Robbery After Stealing Chicken Inn Cash

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A shift manager at fast-food outlet Chicken Inn staged a fake robbery with the help of a security guard and stole US$1,730 from a safe, a court heard.

Talent Mushoshoma is being sought by police, a court was told on Wednesday as security guard Robson Tawanda Chiriseri, 26, was charged with unlawful entry in aggravated circumstances.

The duo allegedly hatched a plan to steal from a Chicken Inn outlet in Chisipite, Harare.

Sometime during the night of August 6, Chiriseri, who is employed by Blackshark Security, allegedly left a door open through which Mushoshoma is alleged to have gained access.

Once in the building, according to the National Prosecuting Authority, Mushoshoma unlocked the safe and stole US$1,730 and Z$4,000.

Mushoshoma and Chiriseri, the prosecution charges, then stage-managed a robbery.

Chiriseri allegedly handed over handcuffs and a pepper spray to Mushoshoma to cuff him to a railing and also pepper-spray his face to make it appear as if he had been robbed.

The two men allegedly shared the money before a police investigation established that the “robbery” had been staged.