‘Mandlovu’ Mujuru seeking political mileage with her ‘tribal’ talk

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FORMER VP and Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, who recently addressed a handful of her party supporters at Stanley Square in Bulawayo revealed that she has nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe.
In her speech, ‘MaNdlovu’, as Mujuru called herself so as to be politically accepted in Bulawayo, stressed the issue of coalition of opposition parties.  ZimPF was only declared a political party this year in February. This means that ZimPF is still adapting to the opposition politics environment. Politics is a game of numbers. However, this is different with Mujuru’s party which has few supporters. After realizing that ZimPF has few, Mujuru thought of coalescing with other opposition parties. The idea of a coalition implicates that ZimPF wants to use other opposition parties who are superior in terms of numbers of supporters than that party.  
However, Mujuru should be advised that the downside of forming an alliance of political parties is that all the leaders of different parties crave for power. In the event that the union has been formed, things like slight digression from the common agenda or misjudging a partner’s sentiment can cause a great damage to the planned union.
Also, an alliance between political parties is often affected by ideological differences among the leaders of those organisations. Ideologies of disgruntled politicians usually affect the output.
People Democratic Party (PDP) led by Tendai Biti strongly believes that forming solidarity with Mujuru’s ZimPF is a great idea. ZimPF and PDP share the same background of being political turncoats. Worse still, Mujuru is a reject of the ruling party ZANU-PF while Biti is a discard from the opposition party MDC-T. ZANU-PF ideology and MDC-T ideology are like water and oil which never mix. The same is likely to be experienced if ever Mujuru and Biti attempt to unite.
Other opposition leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai have a big brother mentality and think that all opposition parties should fall under them.
While addressing her supporters in Bulawayo, Mujuru talked of inclusivity. This could mean that her party is open to accommodate all other opposition parties who may want to join ZimPF. But then, who will lead who? Mujuru will boast that she has war credentials hence she will not be under someone who did not fight the liberation the war. Whilst on the other hand Tsvangirai will cock-a-hoop saying he is now a veteran of opposition politics hence no one should be above him. Honestly, Tsvangirai will never allow a mafikizilo like Mujuru to lead him.Advertisement

It is surprising how Mujuru who aspires to be President talked about tribal divisions within her party. Instead of uniting the people from all the provinces to work together in trying to develop the nation, Mujuru was using a language that sows division across the nation rather than bringing them together. Mujuru was reportedly quoted saying, “Hakuna anobva kwangu kumaShona uko to come and plan a developmental programme in Lupane when you are here”. Every Zimbabwean should be free to work in any preferred province. Currently, what is needed in the country is productivity and nothing else. What is wrong for a talented farmer from Matabeleland to grow tobacco or maize in Mashonaland East?   Mujuru should be reminded that tribal hostility will never build Zimbabwe.
In her address, Mujuru denied that she denigrated the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo. Reports have it that Mujuru insulted the late Father Zimbabwe by calling him senile. Why then did she apologize for sentiments that she never mentioned? And why is she trying to clarify the issue now? Where was she all along?   Is it because she is seeking sympathy from the people of Bulawayo?  
Each opposition leader has his/her attitude towards the coalition of opposition parties. This becomes so obvious that coalition of opposition parties is just a wishful thinking. If ever they wish to form a union, opposition leaders should bury their egomania personalities as this is a major hurdle as they seek to forge their much talked about union.