Mangwana Under Attack For Defending Mohadi’s Sex Scandals

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ZIMBABWE’S information tsar, Nick Mangwana, has been attacked on Twitter for suggesting that married women are free to have affairs outside wedlock.

In a tweet that has set the social network on fire, Mangwana made the remark while responding to a tweet by a person, who described Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s alleged sex scandals with two married women as shameful.

The information secretary said, “A lot of noise from insecure men. When married man have it off with young women, no problem. When married women have it off with powerful men all hell breaks loose! A woman is noone’s property. She can make a choice and if you are married to her and you don’t like it, tough.”

Mkhaya Tindo shot back in the Twitter thread. “This is unbelievable! You can’t be serious.”

But Mangwana stood his ground saying, “Oh I am.”

Several people joined the debate with one identified as Mzingwane noting that “a woman is noone’s property. She can make a choice and if you are married to her and you don’t like it, tough. @nickmangwana 20 Feb 2021>

An irate Sosveguru said, “I’m definitely not surprised by your response; anything 2 defend your senior’s unbecoming behaviour. What lesson are you teaching your kidz? That sexual immorality is a choice & if your husband or wife doesn’t like it, then tough luck? Those words promote promiscuity in marriages.”

Another person identified as Liveson Manguwo did not like Mangwana’s tweet. He said, “… @nickmangwana is morally bankrupt, haana hunhu, haana respect of our culture and the sacredness of marriage. I won’t be surprised if he is also a powerful man using his position to exploit subordinates. Ndokubasa nekubata kwavo ana @nickmangwana thats why he sees nothing wrong.”

Trevor Machimbidza was also unhappy with Mangwana’s remarks as he said “this is so low of you … So are you saying powerful man are exempted from their shenanigan abuse of power..Of course she is noone s’ property no women is property but she is definitley some men s’ wife …”

Mangwana did not respond to questions sent to him on WhatsApp and calls on his mobile phone.

Mohadi was also unreachable together with Abbigail Muleya and another woman only identified as Chevaughn.