Mangwiro Directs Manicaland’s Provincial Hospital To Provide Food For Health Workers

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By Felix Matasva

DEPUTY minister of Health and Childcare, John Mangwiro has slammed Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital’s administration for not providing food to its doctors and nurses during working hours.

Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital is the major referral health care centre in Manicaland province.

Speaking during his tour at the provincial hospital, Mangwiro said Manicaland referral health center’s administration must feel remorse for health workers’ welfare at work.

He directed the hospital to resume the provision of tea and lunch for its nurses and doctors on duty.

“These health workers are now subsidising your food whilst they carry plastics of sugar and boiled maize from home to feed themselves at work. It’s unfair for the hospital to provide food for the administrator and superintendent only. I want you to start feeding these guys with breakfast and lunch starting from today onwards,” Mangwiro charged.

He said health workers at Victoria Chitepo Hospital with money must utilise the chance to import cars on duty free and buy houses through facilitation of Local Governance Ministry.

He added that government was working flat out to alleviate the working conditions of health workers hence Victoria Chitepo Hospital must start to address their concerns.

“As government we are looking up on making sure that your working conditions are improved. You should provide the nurses with everything that they need, and you also need to build a canteen. Procure some microwaves so that they can warm up their food,” he said.

“If one have got money can get a car duty free and also the Ministry of Housing can help one get a house if they like,” he added.

He inspected Mt Mellary Hospital in Nyanga, Hauna health care centre, Mutambara Hospital and lastly Victoria Chitepo Hospital.

Asked about the major areas which need urgent attention based on the outcomes of his tour, Mangwiro told that Hauna and Mutambara Hospital must improve their hygiene.

“Here at Victoria Chitepo there is need to work on the roofing material which was poorly done. For everything else they need in the kitchen, they can always get the money from government and use it. At Hauna and Mutambara Hospital they must improve their hygiene especially the provision of clean and safe water,” he said.

Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital’s medical superintendent Dorcas Masanga-Mutede said the canteen and mortuary is going through a refurbishment process.

“We are currently refurbishing the kitchen and installing an industrial stove as we move towards vision 2030. We are planning to install a new elevator because the old one we have is giving us a lot of problems. It frequently breaks down and at times theatresits would be cancelled as it would be difficult to lift patients up and down the stairs. We are going to have a new elevator to improve efficiency,” said Mutede.