Manufacturers scared of chaos; cooking oil producer says stampedes threaten deliveries

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE has become a dangerous market to deliver particularly basic commodities, given a tendency by people to stampede for these, a leading industrialist has said.

Busisa Moyo, chief executive officer of United Refineries, manufacturers of a local brand of cooking oil and an immediate past president of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) took to social media to express his frustrations.

Moyo said manufacturers have commodities that  are enough for the market but the environment has become a little risky for staff to service the market.

“How do we deliver cooking oil to shops of people go crazy even before we offload?  It’s now a risk to our delivery van drivers, merchandisers & sales staff!” said Moyo.

“We really want to help and we are in production but this is counterproductive! akusebenzeki iqiniso lihle (it’s an unworkable environment that is the truth).”

Zimbabwe spiralled into fresh economic turmoil after government announced a new monetary and fiscal regime two weeks ago that included a 2% tax transactional charge.

The move led to a sharp rise in prices of basic commodities with most disappearing from supermarket shelves. Fuel shortages also emerged and the country’s surrogate currency the bond not almost went under leaving citizens on edge.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned of more pain as he sets out to institute economic reforms meant to kick-start an economy that has been in the mire for the better part of the last two decades.