Mapfumo lands Hollywood movie role

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SELF-EXILED Chimurenga music legend, Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, has landed an acting role in a proposed Hollywood movie that will feature a host of prominent Zimbabwean actors. 
Mapfumo, who has been domiciled in the United States of America since the 1990s, will play the role of a ghost in the movie, The Legend of the Stolen Guitar.
The film is produced by Los Angeles-based Zimbabwean born film producer, Austin Handriade. It is expected to hits the screens in 2016.
A number of prominent Zimbabwean born actors are being lined up for key roles in the movie. 
Some of the stars that Handriade has reached out to include Danai Gurira, who is currently making waves with her zombie slaying role in the American television show, The Walking Dead, where she acts as Michonne. 
Also being considered is Lucian Msamati, whose most prominent role is playing a pirate in Game of Thrones. He recently made history by becoming the first black actor to play Othello for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. 
On the musical side, Handriade is lining up the UK-based Rozalla Miller, famous for her iconic “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” 1991 smash hit.
Another artist the film producer hopes to work with is Brian Soko, who was involved in Beyonce Knowles’ “Drunk in Love” hit track.
Announcing the latest development, Handriade confirmed to that Mapfumo had accepted to feature in the movie. 
“Thomas will play the Ghost, the Ancestor who is murdered for his instrument the Chipendani upon which the laurels of this story rests. He casts a mystical, haunting shadow over Shika Shika’s life and his restless soul demands the return of this instrument to its rightful place. 
“Without this demand being met and that which belongs to Ceasar remaining in the wilderness, The Ghost wreaks all kinds of havoc on Shika Shika forcing him to make the dreaded foray into the unknown jungles of Africa to solve this mystery.
“We shall also use some of his music in the soundtrack. We plan to write a new track particularly for the movie as well,” said Handriade.
He added: “Thomas is an integral part of this project. The connection was made possible by Banning Eyre who called me from Connecticut, and I personally called Austin Sibanda, Mapfumo’ s Manager in Maryland and Mapfumo in Oregon.”Advertisement

Commenting on the inclusion of Mapfumo, the film’s chief strategist Jeremy Britton said, “Including Mapfumo in this project is visceral and takes this project more than a decibel beyond your typical run-of-the-mill Hollywood movie.
“We are definitely going really BIG with this and after all is done this movie will haunt you for a long time.” 
Legend of the Stolen Guitar, is a fictional story that will touch the hearts of many who are seeking connection with their family, ancestry and roots.
The film tracks an African-American artist who travels to Zimbabwe to protect his honour and preserve his family heritage. It will be shot both in both Los Angeles and Zimbabwe.